Historic Fort Wayne

Long overdue, I wanted to make mention of our class trip to Historic Fort Wayne – the one in Detroit’s Southwest area, not Indiana. What is possibly more stunning than the visual impact of seeing the Fort for the first time is the fact that nearly no one knows the place exists. Even life long Detroiters are scarcely aware of the complex and likely even fewer have been able to tour around the Fort. Until recently, the Fort had very few opportunities for curious visitors to take a closer look at the Fort; the addition of summer soccer leagues, ghost hunts, and fairs have opened it up a little more to the general public. Additionally, the Fort has a long history with war reenactment groups, whose members are also involved in the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition – the greatest chance for connection to the Fort outside of having the pleasure of meeting James Conway who heads most of the Fort’s activities and likely knows more of the Fort’s history and secrets than any other person…

Inside Fort Wayne's "Star Fort" near Old Barracks

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