Culture Shock

As most of us in the Semester in Detroit Program have grown up in the Metro Detroit area, you would think that moving and living here wouldn’t be much of a culture shock.

But in many ways it has.

Here, strangers say “Hello, how are you?” as you walk past.

Here, Whole Foods plans to open a store, and a senator comes for the event.

Here, cars disappear from the streets after eight at night.

This place is like another world in some respects. The downtown aglow at night deceives the passerby  by assuming the light encompasses a person; frankly, it does not.

What experiences of culture shock have the rest of you had in the city?




One thought on “Culture Shock

  1. All of the grocery stores were closed the other night so I was trying to buy groceries at a CVS. I realized how challenging it was to try and shop at a convenience store instead of the kind of grocery stores I’ve always had near my home. Although a lot of us SiD kids have found great places to buy fresh produce and food in Detroit, we also have cars and money to spend on fresh food. It dawned on me that many people in Detroit have to buy their groceries without the luxury of a grocery store, something so standard to a Mid-Michigan native like me.

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