Group 1 Article: D:hive is your Detroit connection


Last week I went to an opening event at the D:hive with a couple of co-workers to celebrate the launching of the group’s website, which promises to connect Detroiters to other Detroiters to help them find work, find houses, or start businesses. The organization has many goals and offers several services that I found to be pretty interesting. How are people going to hear about the D:hive though? I like the idea of all of these services being in one place, but will it be accessible to those who could really benefit from it? I heard about the D:hive through friends who live in Detroit and have jobs in Detroit, people who really aren’t really in need of the services the D:hive offers. In order to really be effective, and function as a “bee hive” for Detroit, where all Detroiters can gather to share ideas and help one another, it is going to have to find a way to advertise to those who have those ideas and need those services.


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