Love in the D

From a recommendation of one of our fellow SIDers, a group of us went to the infamous Redford Theatre on Detroit’s west side last Saturday. That morning I had a run-in with my cousin and his girlfriend, and apparently they had the audacity to have the same plans as us. Ah well, I was just excited to see the classic “It Happened One Night,” and delight in the quaint organ playing.

However, at the start of the intermission I spotted my aunt from across the balcony. And next to her was my uncle, and my other cousin and her husband. Baffled at my family’s presence, I had to ask, “WHAT is going on???”

My aunt excitedly responded with, “You don’t know?!? Daniel is going to propose tonight!”

My jaw dropped…my cousin and his girlfriend weren’t just here to ruin my plans (I kid, I kid). My cousin Daniel was here to give the most nerve-wracking speech of his life, to love of his life (Julia).

So naturally I tiptoed over with my family to spy on the couple before one of the ushers would ask if anyone had any memories about the theater to share in front of the audience. Gleefully, we watched Daniel and Julia go up to the stage, and I’m pretty sure we were all jumping up and down when he got down on one knee. And she said…

Yes! (Duh)

So there you have it folks. You don’t need to go to Paris for some romantic dream. Detroit has got it all, along with having the perfect background for a proposal.

Ah, love in the D!



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